Veracious Curls®

Veracious means truth and honesty, which is the heart of our company. Our complete and easy to use hair-care system contains only 3 products: A Cleanser, Conditioner and Styling cream. Each is specifically designed to promote healthy hair & scalp, and most importantly, control those curls.

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About Us

Our family owned and operated company has sourced the highest-quality, all-natural, organic, plant-derived, non-GMO ingredients like organic aloe juice and organic slippery elm. Our revolutionary 3-step system cleanses and protects your scalp’s natural moisture and PH levels while preventing breakage and frizz to restore dull, brittle hair.

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“Veracious Curls solved all our hair issues. Two of my kids have amazing curls but their curls would get so knotted and dreaded almost daily. So grateful that they contain healthy and pure ingredients safe for my kids!”


"Veracious Curls has made me fall in love with my hair!..."

Cami D.

"People are often shocked that I only have to use 3 products to get my curls looking so great."

Alessandra S.

"I have used Veracious Curls hair product for 2 full months now and I can honestly say I LOVE my curls.."

Kathy. V

"After years of trial and error when it comes to curly products, I have finally found the answer for my curls..."

Alaina P.

Veracious Curls "How to use" Video

Step by step video on how to use Veracious Curls Products