"Veracious Curls solved all our hair issues. Two of my kids have amazing curls but their curls would get so knotted and dreaded almost daily, brushing it out use to take literally hours and bottles of expensive products. From the first time we used Veracious Curls I was amazed at how easily I was able to comb through their hair and bonus I am so grateful that they contain healthy and pure ingredients safe for my kids!"

- Marina (Santa Ana, CA)


“I've used probably hundreds of curly hair products from drugstore to high-end salon products and it's safe to say none have made my curls look as good as Veracious Curls does. What I love most is that the products are natural, simple and don't completely dry out my hair. People are often shocked that I only have to use 3 products to get my curls looking so great. My hair isn't crunchy, but soft, manageable and I have had no frizz whatsoever. I cannot recommend Veracious Curls enough. Thank you for making me love my curls even more!“

-Alessandra S. (Hartford, Connecticut)


“Veracious Curls has made me fall in love with my hair! If you have wavy or curly hair, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect product. I used to use a mixture of six different products, but now I just use the three that comes with Veracious Curls! And my hair has never felt so soft and frizz-free! I will recommend Veracious Curls to any wavy/curly-haired person out there!“

– Cami D. (Trabuco Canyon, California)


“I have used Veracious Curls hair product for 2 full months now and I can honestly say I LOVE my curls.  Seriously, my hair is at my all time healthiest and has cut my getting ready in the morning time more than in half.  My curls are soft and healthy and not that “crunchy dry” feeling that other products have given me.  I can’t believe how fast I saw my hair transform from dry and frizzy to soft and curly.  I absolutely LOVE this product and highly recommend all you curly haired people to try it!  I was amazed from the start and continue to get compliments on my hair.  Please… do yourself a favor and try this product!  I LOVE this product!!!! “

- Kathy V. (Forest, Virginia)


"After years of trial and error when it comes to curly products, I have finally found the answer for my curls. Veracious Curls has accomplished with a three-step process that other lines can’t even do with five. My hair has never felt so clean, so moisturized and so healthy, all while making my curls shiny and defined. I cannot express accurately how happy I am with my hair, FINALLY. Vera means truth, and the truth is that I plan on using Veracious Curls forever."

-Alaina P. (Rancho Santa Margarita, California)